Hekaton Studio is a Multimedia Software Company. We specialise in building interactive applications -- Games, Websites and much more.



Hekaton Studio was founded by Dmitri Kolytchev and Maxime St-Pierre in 2019 with the goal of making cool projects. Both founders have extensive experience in bleeding edge technologies like AI/ML, Blockchain and Robotics.

Video Game Developement

By the end of 2019, a clear goal was set for the company as we decided to focus our attention towards the gaming industry. Our first game was Lost Echoes, produced during the MTL GameJam in 48 hours. This marks the Beginning of Hekaton Studio as a Game Developement Studio.



There are currently no trailers available for Hekaton Studio. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

Awards & Recognition

  • "MTL GameJam 2020 - Coup Coeur du Jury" Lost Echoes

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Saulo Carranza
Digital Application Developer
Nathalie Connolly
Office Manager
Dmitri Kolytchev
Hugo Pelletier
Digital Application Developer
Maxime St-Pierre
Isabelle Tremblay
2D/3D Artist